Friday, September 21, 2012

Quilting Philosophy

    Embrace the "imperfect" in your quilt. Let them reflect your unique style and personality. The little quirks are what make each of our quilts one of a kind and show that they're crafted by human hands. Enjoy the freedom that comes with making projects that are less than perfect. The creative process should be fun and satisfy the soul. Find the individual style that suits you best and celebrate it!
  You will notice that most of our quilts will your own work of art and admired by all. No matter if it is small or large they are all works of art and your own personal way to make this world a better place by your loving hands.

Did you now that we have a quilt made that represents all the counties in the state? I helped to create the block for Davis county it was showcased at the State fair in the 4-H building. What kind of quilt would you create to represent you and your life?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September meeting minutes

Our September meeting was filled with laughter and love as we shared our friendship and the business of the guild was done. Thanks to Lou for filling in for Denise the guild president as she and other members of the guild participated at the Annual State Guild meeting in Cedar City.

The Ott light for the October meeting went to: Ruth Davis
 ( what should you ott to be making/completing in your sewing stash)

UFO # 11 is was drawn for October

The October sew in will be: to be announced

Funky Chicken pattern # 9 was given out at the September meeting

Our Halloween blocks are due at the October meeting: They are to be 9 1/2 inches square unfinished and the main backing fabric is purple. any questions contact Denise with any questions.

To access the crock pot recipes collected so far go to the link on the right side of the page and click on crock pot. There are many recipes there to make your life easier and your family happier.

August meeting show and tell

Thanks to the many talented hands in the quilt you participated in this fun quilt using new embroidery skills learned in the quilt. This quilt was donated.

Mary Jo had the Ott light for August and she provided us with a show and tell of some beautiful items that will brighten anyones day.

Funky chickens are invading the guild  as we are shown how to quilt as you go to have af finished block. A great way to use up your brights.
Of course our quilting guild is more than play but we conduct business, and we are well represented by the Utah Guild as their rep comes and brings us news and happenings of what is gong on in the state guild.

 How is your UFO pile coming along? Are you working on yours? We  thank those that complete and share.

 Show and tell is always a show stopper when the many talents of the guild members share with us there many talents.