Wednesday, December 18, 2013


    It is hard to believe that December is here and the snowflakes are flying. I am so amazed at the serve the Layton Quilters do for the charities that we support. I know the quilts and place-mats will brighten someone's day! I am excited to see the challenge quilts and see where your imaginations took you. I hope the true meaning of Christmas will be in our hearts all year long. Thanks for being such a fantastic group to work with and thanks for always inspiring me. I hope  we have challenged you with the barn minis and encouraged you to try new things. Our Christmas party and Pot luck will start at 12:00 p.m. see your newsletter for the sign up  sheet. Don't forget your handmade gift for the exchange! I can hardly wait to see all of you there.

Happy Quilting,  Lori Bashein
Before it snowed God was so kind filled my life with fresh flowers that brought a bit of sun shine in our lives.
What does your sewing room look like at this time of the year? Is it piled high with Christmas projects piled so high that you aren't sure if it is even possible to get them all finished. Or are you all done and your room is spot less. Not matter what your sewing room looks like always remember that it is a work in progress.

A huge thank you goes out to all that service on the board this past year and the many hours of dedication they put in to make our meetings fun and enrich our lives. A huge Thank you goes to Lori Bashein for her love and leadership this year as  she served and shared her talents with us. We welcome Sue Tubbs and the members of the board and wish them our best as they serve us and share there talents.

The guild ended the year with there annual Christmas dinner.  With the guild providing the ham and the members bring some yummy dishes to share and enjoy. The decorating committee did a beautiful job decorating, and the prize's given out brought a smile to the winners face.  We look forward to the New Year and all that it will teach us as we learn together.

The meeting was fun as stories were shared and the challenge quilts unveiled. Each one a work of art and the stories shared touched out hearts as those that participated shared what Quilting is to them.  Two were picked to win the challenge Sue and Sue a congratulations goes out to them. 
To end the meeting we had a wonderful Trunk show of the amazing creations our members shared with us. Some were new and some the UFOs that were finally finished any way you look at it. The projects share were all amazing and lovely.  Looking forward to our next meeting and the journey 2014 will bring our way.

Lorri conducted the meeting with fun stories to brighten our day and lead a meeting filled with laughter. Thank you to one and all for the presidents blocks they were each a lovely piece of art.

Loretta inspired us as she showed us how funky chickens can gather to make a lovely quilt. 
Cynthia is on the ball with her lovely Christmas table topper. That would be lovely on any ones table. 
Cynthia showed us her mini creations and what a work of art they are. 
Denise is an inspiration t us all as she show cases her prairie women's quilt made with civil war fabric. As her about the history behind this quilt. 
Denise showed us a new trick she used to make these darling nine patches.  Which one is your favorite?
A lovely quilt with striking colors Thank you Denise. 
Loretta is ready as she shoes us her lovely table topper that will be a wonderful accent to any Christmas table. 
Sue Hales showed us her barn wall hanging and her additions to make it her own personal creation. Sheri is enjoying the lovely work.
An up close look at the barn. A beautiful work of art. 

Lori is all smiles as she shows us her apron that will be a fun one to wear as she is cooking. 

Ruth was all smiles as she showed us her new Hexie Christmas stocking that was created for her. A nice big one for Santa bring her quilting supplies of her dreams. 

Nothing is impossible with fun fabric and an imagination. Fun bags were made by Brenda to hold a fun hot chocolate mix. 

With good intentions this was my home made gift for the guilds gift exchange. It is a fun magnetic board with quilting magnets customized. It was fun to make and a true learning experience. To bad I had to miss the meeting. 

Brenda made up a fun see through bag to take along filled with all your supplies for the sew in. 

With a little bit of talent, an embroidery machine, a stash of fun fabric and a wonderful embroidery designs. Brenda created an in-door bowling ball set for family and friends. Finished just in time to give away. 

As we all start a New Year, I can't think of any better way then with amazingly talented friends. What is your goal for the new year? Is it to strengthen new friendships, further your talents, or finish up your UFO pile. Which ever you decided to do one or all or more know that the warmth of a friends smile and there loving support can get you through anything. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

President’s Message:
       As Thanksgiving approaches I can’t help thinking about all things that I am thankful for. When I was in Junior High and High school I completed Sewing 1-4. Of course this was one of my favorite classes and I couldn’t wait for the next one. As time went on and I graduated I thought everyone could sew because it was easy for me. I soon realized that there were people that hated to sew or couldn’t sew a straight line. Now I know that sewing and quilting is definitely a talent for which I have been blessed. One of my favorite things to do is to help others learn to quilt. I believe that we are unaware of many talents that we posses but with some instruction and practice we can all learn to do new things. I experienced this very thing at Quilt Festival. While attending classes I could look around the room and observe all the students at different levels with their quilting skills. I am thankful for all of you and your different quilting styles and feel blessed that you share your methods and quilts with us. If I hear someone say, “I’m not sure I could quilt.” This is my reply, “Sure you could the difference between sewing and quilting is only 3/8” difference. And of course I explain the difference with seam allowance. Sewing clothing you use a 5/8” seam allowance and with quilting you use a ¼” seam allowance. I have felt very grateful for all of you who donate quilts and projects for whatever cause we support. I feel that being creative is part of my soul.

         Another aspect of Fall that I am grateful for is the change of weather. I cannot wait for the trees to turn orange and red.          Nature can inspire a multitude of ideas for quilting. My favorite just happens to be Fall. Try quilting leaves into a table runner using fall as your inspiration. Don’t forget about the Quilting Journal Class it starts at 10 am with a guest appearance from Illene King. She will share some inspiration from her quilting journal and I will have some suggestions and supplies for you to start your own quilting Journal. Happy Quilting! See you soon Lorri Bashein

 UFO ~ #7 & # 9 for December Meeting

Ott Light for December is Cindy Schmierer
Sewing Tips from November Meeting: By Loretta Hunt
©      Use Insul-Bright for: Pot holders, insulated lunch bags, outdoor stadium cushions.
©      Use Quilted Iron Quick for: Casserole carriers, curling irons covers, can coolers.
©      Use Iron Quick for: Ironing board, Iron totes, Make your own Ironing board cover using the original cover as a patters. Cover the board with a favorite cotton fabric that you’ve lined with one or more layers of thick cotton batting; or use Iron Quick.
©      When Plaids are off grain it will make your quilt look old.
©      Because Photo storage boxes have a space for labels, use them to store trims, zippers, and sewing machine attachments, ets..
December Sew in 10 am Clearfield Senior Center: Will be our annual Luncheon starting at 12 noon, it is pot luck so bring your favorite recipe made to share. See the attached flyer for your assignment.
Don’t forget your Christmas gift is to be handmade and $10 or under to share with the group.
Our November sew we were treasured to have a guest speaker, Illene King. She proved loads of laughter and love of quilting as she spoke to each of us. She provided for us a special treat as she presented her trunk show.  She showered us with breathtaking quilts she had made and designed. How she started her journey in to the quilting world and more. Everyone who attended was given a special bit of her time to learn and grow from the spirit that she shared with us. A huge hug goes out to Illene King for sharing her lives lessons with us and her amazing journal. Everyone was inspired to get their journal started how is your coming along?

Each week a special group of ladies get together, My hat goes off to all the ladies of the Tuesday sewing group. Where laughter, love, tears and everything else that goes in between is shared. As they all work on there many different projects. There is always someone there to lend a helping hand or share a smile to a friend in need, or a helping hand to a friend how isn't to sure about what they are doing. Or maybe have tackled or thinking of tackling a new project that will test there skills.  There is always room for one more sewer and friend. We would love to share the day with you. We might even have some yummy food for lunch at times there is always a welcoming hand to one and all.

 wishing one and all a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with love and laughter and the many blessings of the holidays.