Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Guild meeting


Have you had the thought that 2014 is now over halfway gone?! Look back thru' your goals for the first of the year. How are you coming along? I hear friends say that they just can't start one more project!! Too many on the 'Grill"? Is this what leads up to jumping from the pan into the fire? Here's an idea! Make a list of 10 things / projects and pull a number and work on that project thru the month, then pull another number for the next month! If you don't complete a project ... well start another list for later! Baby steps! Do a little, pat yourself on the back, move on! This is all progress! There are so many things that distract us. Remember, you are the only person who takes charge of you and can make changes for you!
I had a plan this week to take 3 hours, 3 days and do only things in the house!! It is Thurs. and my 3rd day is half over ... nothing has been done in the house. I look back and pat myself on the back, because my distractions took over, but there are several people happier, because of some time I gave them this week instead. Just be who you are and do things with a willingness that boosts you up! So grab up some sewing, plug in your favorite DVD, CD or if
some of you are like me, a VHS or Cassette tape! ha!  

Ruth Davis has the “OTT” light.

Tips/Tricks – Nickey Greene volunteered to give us a
tip/trick that works for her at Guild Meeting.

Sew inThe sew-in will start at 9:00am  so we will have plenty of time to work on our sewing. Ruth will be
teaching about 9-patch blocks. Bring 5 or 10 inch
squares of coordinating light and dark fabrics. You can
use a charm pack or a layer cake if you want. Also bring
a machine, BSK, rotary cutter, mat that is bigger than
your squares, and a ruler. There will be hand-outs and
instructions on different fun ways to make these blocks.
And you will learn some cool things to do with a
finished 9-patch block.

In cleaning out my sewing room and decluttering it thanks to the help of my daughter I can find my favorite patterns, and see my cutting table as well as my floor.  In the throwing away process this was found and though it would be fun to share and maybe create a new section to enjoy with some fun ideas. 


* Sturdy Templates : Laminate templates to make them sturdier so they last longer, You can use contact paper or take the pattern to a copy shop to be laminated. Using card stop will give your  template extra strength. 

* Purchase a large mesh pencil holder to use on your sewing table. It keeps all of your tools close at hand, and keeps your sewing table neat. I use a fun old time soda glass to do the same thing. 

* Magnetic Pin Holder: put your magnetic pin holder in a disposable plastic food container so that you can transport pins safely to classes.

* Bobbin Keepers:

Toe separators used for pedicures are perfect for holding bobbins and keeping thread from unraveling. They stack neatly, and you can see the thread colors at a a glance.

* Block Layout: Cut a flannel backed plastic tablecloth in to 18 inch squares. As you cut pieces for your blocks, lay them out on the flannel side of the squares. You can stack the squares and roll the stack to take to your weekly quilt class or sew in. They are a great way to keep your blocks organized as you stack them by your sewing machine at home to keep your pieces in order. 

Show and tell is the best as the members of the guild bring out there creations and with smiles on show us what they have all created. Sit back and enjoy the wonders of the sewing world. 
  1. Every new mom needs a fun hospital gown to wear to deliver her new baby. 

    What fun to bring a new baby home to join the family. A fun new gown to match mommy brings a smile to everyone;s face.

    Flowers are all a bloom in this quilt. Love the color combinations used to bring out the flower. 

    Michelle is all smiles as she show cases her new welcome sign. for her new home. 

    House abound
    This would be a lovely one on my bed. Love the colors on this quilt. 

    Tea cup challenge:

    Symphony of life, Cindy showes us her thought on the theme of this years challenge. 

    A close up of a work of art, can you see the jewel in the center to accent the lovely colors?
    Sue is all smiles as she shows her challenge quilt. 
    Viv was busy this past month as she shows us her challenge quilt and the love she put in
    Everyone is open to a good laugh was we share our love for each other.
    We had three enter the challenge quilt which one is your favorite?
    Me I like them all they are all winners in my book. 

    Our next challenge, was house quilts through out the year we have been working on house blocks.
    Several members of the guild participated and completed their blocks showing us
    how creative they all are. 

    Vivian showed us how beautiful houses in the woods can be. 

    Sue put her house on point and used two color tones. 

    Those that completed there quilts showed us what they had created.
    4 completed and several others had blocks made must not assembled. Which one is your favorite? 

    Patsy used her creative force to show case her blocks.
    Love the colors.

    With all the Challenges completed and showed to the members of the guild. We continued on with show and tell. Sit back and enjoy the amazing talents of the members of our guild. 

    Sue shows how she has taken two colors and created a work of art. 

    Karen showed us her 10 year project and it is a work of art and talent.
    Job well done, keep up the good work. 

    A full view of the 10 yr project. It is a good feeling to have it done.

    Ruth showed us how you can take a pile of die cuts
    add to them and create a shower of flowers, with the
    accent of a bit of sparkling crystals.
    Love the border and the fun flow of the edges

    A close up of her quilting and the sparkle. 

    it wouldn't be complete if you didn't get to see the back
    of the work of art and creativity. 

    One more UFO completed a fun scissor and thread holder

    A wool creation that would brighten any ones wall. 

    A lucky baby gets this beautiful quilt and what a fun gift to give from a grandma that loves them. 

    There are times they it takes a bit to open the quilt
    and we get a chance to tell about the creative process
    as we get it ready to show case.

    The back is almost as fun as the front at times. 

    The tree of life. love the borders as it looks like the tree is

    Getting ready for the Davis county fair challenge.
    Love the showcasing of the colors as it radiates .

    What fun choice of colors and shapes to bring this lovely quilt

    Midje is showing us her new purse of many pockets.
    Would you love to have one from her? 

    A Ray of sun shine and a touch of fall from
    this wall hanging. 

    Another block of the month and a UFO is done.
    Each block show cases something in our lives.
    What touches your heart in these blocks and this amazing quilt?

    a close up of one of these fun blocks. 

    There is something for everyone on this quilt. 

    Sue is showing us her mini touch of Christmas,
    A look through the window to see what is inside. 
    Ruth showed us a creation she found on the internet,
    Liked the idea and made it. What talent. 

    The back is always fun to see also on Ruths's quilts. 

    Sue is getting a few of her projects and adding to her
    beautiful Christmas decorations

    Until next month come join us to see what we have in store for you as we travel the road of creativity.