Thursday, May 19, 2016

May meeting

As we all know change is a constant in life. As you come across these changes never stop learning and growing when given the opportunity; keep a smile on your face and a project always going to keep calm..
Happy Quilting

For the sew in for June  Vivian is teaching with some awesome help from guild members. For all of us to complete this fun wall hanging, Have you signed up for this class? 

Sharon A Wright is sharing her Favorite things & Techniques with us. 

She told us how her quilt ideas came to her and the steps she takes to make sure she is following the copy write laws. What an inspiration. 

From her beginning quilts to works of arts. We loved her favorite things from the bathroom to her sewing room. 

We learned how to help those quilts that bleed when washed to bring them back. 

we learned how to put writing on our quilts and what fun that will be. I can hardly wait to try her technique. 

How do you color your quilts. have a fun set of colored pencils why not give them a try. Don't forget to set the coloring. This way your hard work won't go to waste. 

We Send out a huge thank you to Sharon Wright, who brightened our day and feed us well. 

Time for show and tell and UFO to be shown . One project at a time is how to accomplish your UFO. 

A great way to use up your jelly roll, and the best part it is going to a friend. 

Julie did a nice job and love the colors. 

Michelle completed her UFO and love the wool work. 

Denise finished binding her quilt. What a beautiful quilt! Love the colors. 

Denise has been busy completing one project at a time. One big and the other a throw. 

A fun quilt as Denise showed us one project at a time gets your projects completed. 

Sue showed us her UFO of a fun table runner. Love the chiefs what a great focal fabric. 

Love the scenery, and we thank you for going to the work, even if it was a challenge. 

Ruth showed us what she OTT to be doing, and what a show case she gave us. 

These blocks are completed yet, a bit of applique work will be added to give it just the right look Ruth is looking for. 

Last month Emily  Bailey taught these class and Ruth along with others finished her quilt and of course is planning on adding a applique border. 

Getting ready for another challenge?  Love the color choses and the applique border is awesome.

Love the color choices what a great use of them.

wedding Ring is a wonderful gift to give someone.  Love this queen size quilt. A wonderful gift to give anyone. 

Julie did a fun job on this wall hanging, That would compliment any sewing room. I have just the right place for this to hang in my room. 

Michelle show cased us to use her great find, a great addition for her garage door. 

Lets celebrate Halloween with this fun quilt. 

Vivian showed us a beautiful quilt that will be raffled off to help us raise money to bring in more teachers and fun events. 

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A couch companion made for someone special, The fun was doing the hand work, 

The real fun is when you open it up and see the insides., Where a touch of lime green greets you, the pincushion in the center and the pockets on the sides make this a fun and useful took for anyone.