Thursday, September 3, 2015

August guild meeting

I didn't attend the August guild meeting as instead I stayed home to celebrate my 32 wedding anniversary and spoil my sweet heart and spend time with my family. I had the ott light for August and did get a few things accomplished. I started a dress for myself which was a major accomplishment for me as sewing for everyone else is more important. The dress isn't shown as it is still a work in progress as the pattern and my body type aren't the same. I have enlisted my daughter who is majoring in fashion design to consult with me to get this dress done.  The projects below are all ones that have been in the works and on my sewing table for some time. You can now see my sewing table and work from it as it is cleaned off and my sewing room is slowing getting to where it is semi in order and cleaned, I can see one corner that hasn't been cleaned out in years. Enjoy the show. 

Whats better then taking the left over quilt blocks and making a fun bed pillow for the little one to enjoy with her quilt. All the fabric matches her bedroom and some her mother picked out before this sweet little one was even born, 
Onsie's are a wonder and even better when made into fun dresses for the little one to wear. She finally has some fun Sunday dresses to wear to church. 

Every little one with a mom who is a big packer fan should have a dress to wear for game day. This way she can match her mommy as she has a yellow ruffle skirt to. 

As she shows them her cute little back end when she is crawling she will leave a good reminder what foot ball team she watches with her mom. 

If I had some mickey ears I would have added them to this dress. We settled for a back bow instead. 

After 6 months of working on it when I could the quilt is done. Made for my 1st granddaughter who is turning one. Mom wanted an own themed room and this will match nicely. The back was cuddle fabric and I free hand quilted it myself. This quilt was truly a learning project and one made with love for a special little one the whole guild has fallen in love with. 

A quilt is never complete finished with out a label. I was able to use up all the quilt blocks and this one was fun as this was the last block and it needed a home. 

Mother and daughter loved it! All the work was wroth it. Are they not both beautiful.

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 I pulled a lot of very late nights working on my ott light what should ott to be doing with your time? I  pondered that question for some time before I finally got to work and was able to complete a few projects and in the process figured out what I ott to be doing. Top on my list was Spoiling my family. What is on the top of your ott (I ott to be doing) list? 

July guild meeting

July 16, 2015  Guild meeting minutes
President Cindy Gerber-Chavez welcomed everyone. Our only visitor was Brenda Sacher’s cute granddaughter Ruby. She reminded everyone to pay the $1 or $2 to the center for letting us meet there every month.
Our Treasurer Lorri Bashien told us we had $1526.96 in savings and $940.78 in checking.

An updated version of the member list was requested so Michelle Stay will make one to be handed out at our next meeting.
Michelle Stay asked about three people that have requested to join our guild Facebook page. Some members know two of them so they will be added to the group.

We discussed some more options to use our guild money. We are going pay Emily Bailey to come teach us, we are looking into having Robin Orchard come teach us. There is interest in holding our own Kim Diehl class. We decided to wait to vote on that idea when more members are present. Cindy Gerber-Chavez is going to contact the Quilter’s Attic to arrange for us to hold a guild meeting at their store. She will get back to us with the details.

Vivian Blotter shared a tip with us to use pinking shears to cut out circles that need to have clipped edges. Then there is no need to clip.

Nickey Greene reminded us our “I heard it on vinyl” challenge is due in October.

Denise Thalman showed us her progress on the Easter row quilt. She asked us to do the bow tie bunny row for next month.

Brenda Sacher has the OTT light for July.
UFO #1 is due next meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday August 20th at 1:00pm.

Our sew-in will be Patsy Shelton with a fun interesting project!

A row a month makes this fun Easter quilt manageable. It will truly be a fun quilt to have. The bonus we are not late at getting our Easter project done but on ahead of time. Thanks goes to Denise for inspiring us and helping us be prepared. 

Denise is sharing with us one of many quilt made with strips that are beautiful. Everyone enjoyed the lovely quilts. 

Denise has been busy and doing a wonderful job on using up her strip and sharing with us patterns from a fun book she found while cleaning up. We should all be so lucky. 

Viv has been busy and has finished a work of art. Love the hexies.

Sue has a talent for piecing her strips together and making a fun quilt for a special someone. 

Ruth has had a lot of time on her hands, this hexie quilt is a work of art and one that will be treasured for years to come. 

Karen shared with us a beautiful quilt with lots of color and a fun one to have in anyone's house. 

WOW a lot of work and a lot of pieces and Karen can say her quilt top is done. 

A fun quilt by Karen called Red Cross. Job well done, 

Everyone is welcome to join us at our guild meeting., husbands and even the very young that don't have a clue what is going on and can't sit still. But had a ball exploring while we met. 

Sue has made some darling aprons for her grandchildren, they will be loved for sure. 

Michelle showed us how to make neck wraps to keep us cool. What a fun idea now just to find the time to make a few. 

While the members enjoyed show and tell they also enjoyed the beautiful sun shine that streamed through the window

Brenda has been busy trying to get a few things made . This fun row quilt took over a year to make but worth the effort once it was done. I especially like the red border that accents the rows. 

swim suit or spa robes made from a towel, pattern and class was taken at a 4-H sewing conference. The neighbors will love these. Email me if you are interested in the pattern. 

A take 3 quilt for a dear neighbor who was facing Radiation. 
love the color combinations and the quilting accented the quilt nicely.

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Words that says it all.

Have a wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed the truck show.

June guild meeting

June 18, 2015  Guild meeting minutes
President Cindy Gerber-Chavez was not at our meeting so President-elect Vivian Blotter welcomed everyone. We had a delicious luncheon and she thanked all for their contributions. She reminded everyone to pay the $1 or $2 to the center for letting us meet there every month.

Our Treasurer Lorri Bashien told us we had $1526.83 in savings and $1079.84 in checking.

Our UQG Rep. Sandra John wasn’t there so Cindy Hutchison showed us one of the quilts made from the green fat quarters available for the fundraiser for heart disease research. The fq’s are still available and cost $5. Cindy told us about the UQG 40th anniversary project. They are asking each local guild to make a red and white quilt. These quilts will be displayed around the state and around the country before coming back here for display at the 2017 Quilt Fest. Ours needs to be finished by the end of 2016. Vivian Blotter said that Michelle Stay had volunteered to make this quilt and asked for others to help with the quilting and binding. Pam White made a motion that we use some of our money to purchase the material and batting to make the quilt. Loretta Hunt seconded the motion. Everyone was in favor so the motion passed. Vivian stated that since we have multiple members that do beautiful quilting we could have some kind of drawing to see which one would do the quilting.

Michelle Stay had sent out an email with different ideas for using the money we have available from national quilt days. It is attached to these minutes. We discussed the many options. One of the local teachers is Emily Bailey who is a member of our guild. Michelle Stay made a motion that we have Emily come teach us one of her patterns. Pam White seconded the motion. We all agreed so the motion passed. Emily will bring us three different options so we can decide which one we want to take. After we pay Emily there will be money left over to have another teacher or two. Robin Orchard is coming to teach a class for the Roy Quilt Guild. We decided that some of us might join their class if there is room. Or we will vote later if we want her to come teach us separately. There is interest in holding our own Kim Diehl class. We decided to wait to vote on that idea when more members are present.

Leslie Rogers gave us more instructions for our mystery project. She explained what we are to do with the pieces we already cut.

Nickey Greene reminded us what her challenge is about. Make a quilt or other project based on a song we heard back in the day on vinyl records. She passed out a list of song possibilities in case we needed ideas. She also showed us a quilt that she had made years ago based on a song. These are due in October. She would like us to include the lyrics of the song with our entry. Also the project does not need to be completely finished, just the top.

Denise Thalman showed us her progress on the Easter row quilt. She asked us to do the bunny eggs row for next month.

Denise Thalman has the OTT light for July.
UFO #9 is due next meeting.

Pam White gave us a beautiful trunk Show. She had many wonderful quilts and lots of fun stories. She is a very talented quilter.

Next meeting will be Thursday July 16th at 1:00pm.  Pam White will also be giving a trunk show.

Emily showed us one of her lovely creations using our scraps and how fun they can be to create with. 

Vivian showed us a fun happy chemo quilt and gave us instructions on easy they are to make yet look so nice. 

Patsy has been busy and finally made a table runner for her self. Something we should all do once in a while is finish a project for ourselves at times. 

Pat White share with us her amazing creations, and her love for quilting and many different avenues can be used to make works of art. We thank her for her beautiful smile and loving hand of friendship she shares with us. 

Lorri has been busy and showed us a fun quilt to show case some darling dogs and fun fabric . Job well done. 

Every girl need s a good apron, Lorri made this one to enjoy. 

Sue has been busy creating for her grandchildren and those she loves. This bright beauty looked like a fun one to make. 

Sue has a heart full of love for everyone in the guild and this one is perfect showing us her heart filled with love and more. 

Denise has been busy and working on her UFO pile. She provided us with another truck show. 

Denise worked in all areas of the guild sizes from mini to large and everything in between. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us. 

Sue showed us her face book mystery quilt. What a beautiful quilt. Job well done.

Cindy ha been busy and showed us a new technique to use in our quilting. What an amazing quilt. 

Thank you for stopping and please come again we would love you share with you what we have been up to.

Image result for quilting friends Here is to a fun summer ahead and time to create and be inspired no matter what we have planned.