Tuesday, October 1, 2013

President’s Message:

Fall is in the air, I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and the rain. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. How many of you went to the county fair or the state fair? I always love three things at the state fair. First I love looking at the 4-H building exhibits because they were made by youth and I feel inspired by their creativity. Second I love the Home Arts Building because I can see all the beautiful quilts that have been entered. Third I can’t wait to get my Elephant Ear (Fried bread as large as an Elephants ear) with honey butter. While I was there I witnessed something so endearing. I was looking at all the quilts in the Utah State Fair Challenge when a woman very close to me noticed her own quilt in the challenge. She began jumping up and down and pointing at her quilt. I quickly glanced at her quilt and noticed that she had received a blue ribbon. She then clapped her hands over and over while jumping up and down. It was obvious to me that she was very excited to receive a blue ribbon. I have to admit she put a big smile on my face as I witnessed the joy she was feeling. Her sense of pride was contagious and I left with a happy heart. Congratulations to all of you who entered any items in the fair and received ribbons. Life is good!

Happy Quilting Lorri Bashein
Quilt Fest is coming and fast are you ready for it!! Have your supplies ready and your classes picked? Good luck and best wishes to those who are attending we look forward to hearing about there adventures.
September sewing tips:
  • Skirt the issue of how and where to hang mini quilts or sets of finished blocks waiting to be joined. Clip them to a skirt or pants hanger and hook the hanger over a shelf.
  • When pressing a block with many points meeting at the center, trim and fan the joining seam allowance out. Put a few drops of water, at the center and press.  This will help the center lay flat.
The October Ott light goes to Larae Durtschi
How is your UFO list coming along September's number s #4 will you be prepared to report it done in the October meeting? We have faith that you will!

Behind every great quilter there is a…

©       Tons of housework/yard work waiting to be done. Not to mention hungry cats

©       Husbands with holes in his shirts

©       A good Bank roll!!

©       A great quilt J

©       Very tolerant husband!!!
The best part of the meeting is our show and tell: here is where the ladies shine as they share there talents: Enjoy the show
The funky chicken quilts were present this month and three ladies were on top of things and presented there creations! Which one is your favorite one? 1, 2 or 3 take a look and see the amazing work that went into these quilts.

Cynthia had the Otto light for September. She showed us a darling iron caddy she accented with a antique button to hold the hole thing together.

Vivian donated a few of her amazing creations to Happy Chemo.

Lorri show cased her talents that she shared with the member of her Church.

The State fair is over and Lorri above and Michele below showed us there creations they entered in the challenge. Both did a blue ribbon job and we are thrilled for them!

A fun creation made with a twist and turn ruler. A fun decoration for the holiday season.

When you have an oh no project not turning out like you want. Than sit back and ponder and dream up an option. Emily took her oops moment and made a fantastic book cover. That any one would love. Don't  you think?

Emily is in a quilting magazine Ask her which one and have her sign it for you!

Sue showed us a work of art from her heart!


The fair was a success and Kaytlin 17 years old joined Robin Hood gang with this fun costume she made.

The name Burlesque was given to this fun quilt. The imagination and
creative juices were used in the fun quilt. Kaytlin did a fantastic job.
How many different fabrics can you find on the front?

Brenda Entered her snow man for all seasons quilt in the Davis county fair.
Congregations to all of the guild members who entered there talents either at the county level or the state fair. Jog well done!!

October: Happy Chemo sew – in
November: Quilt Journals and how to make quilt labels on the computer
December:  No sew in  Annual Christmas party. Challenge quilts due how is yours coming along.
Please mark your calendars for the changes. Contact a member of the presidency with any questions.