Tuesday, March 19, 2013

February 2013 Meeting

February Guild Meeting was greeted with smile from every one as they morning was spend making house blocks taught by Michelle Stay. This will be a monthly project handed out each month and two sizes will be offered. 

Our meeting was conducted by Lorri Bashein

The Otto Light went to Sherri Voisard

The UFO # is 6

Mary Jo gave us a stitchery lesson showing us how to make 3-D flowers and handing out a fun stitchery pattern. That will help us further our talents in this area.

The group of ladies participating in the snowmen exchange handed in there blocks of 9 1/2 inch unfinished on light blue back ground. The snowmen turned in were amazing and fun to see they ranged from paper pieced, to machine appliqued/embroidered. It will be fun to see the creations that will come from these amazing blocks which are turned in this month and handed out in March.

 The barn is lovely! and Lorri Bashein's own design, She is handing out a story and the pattern for the mini block that is show cased on the barn each month. This month it is a heart mini pictured below.

Cynthia brought her amazing table runner accented in gold. The finished runner is breath taking!

 A gift is wonderful but when it is handmade and shared it is treasured. Sue Kinn showed us a lovely quilt that was given to her.

Sue Tubs is showing us her mini house that is amazing!

 Cynthia Dinsdale our State rep showed us her fun quilt. Breath taking!

 Emily Baily has an been blessed with color sense and knows just what to do with it. Her quilt is lovely and nice and bright just enough to brighten the long snowy days we have been having.

 Denise Thalman showed us what she has done with her house blocks given to her by the guild members. It is darling and something she will treasure!

 Love the mini snowman pincushion job well done!

 Show and tell isn't about the quilts but about what we can create with our hearts and hands.

“Quilting with a friend, will keep you in Stitches”


Janury 2013 guild meeting

January Meeting we started with a fun Potluck luncheon. I can't think of a better way to start the new year but with  yummy food by some of the best cooks in the valley and good friends. At our meeting we shared items with snowflakes and more and introduced the upcoming projects for the new year.

Genette King had the Otto light and shared with us some of her amazing creations and accomplishments she was able to finish for the January meeting.

 We say Good-Bye to last years President and Thank you for a job well done. As she is all smiles with her new house blocks signed by members of the guild as our way of saying we love you and the many hours of service and hand of friendship you offered each of the guild members.
 Lorri Bashein our 2013 President showed each of us one of the projects that will be taught through out the year. This darling barn with mini quilts are one of the many projects that have been planned for the year. An exciting year is ahead for each of us.

Mary Jo Hansen gave us a lesson in hand embroidery work. Presenting us each with a lovely pattern to try our new techniques she had taught us out.
 Sewing tips were given by Loretta Hunt

Sewing Tips from January’s Meeting:

v  If your bobbin tail often comes unwound and becomes tangled, purchase a bag of ponytail elastics. They’re tiny extremely stretchy knit so they snug up against all your bobbins. Choose a band that most closely matches the thread color, which helps when searching for a particular bobbin color.

v  If you can’t remember what size needle you have in your sewing machine. Use a small office supply clip and attach it to your needle holder, change the clip when you change your needle.

v  What do you do with all your used bottles? Use baby bottles or any size bottle to store your buttons in. Paint the lid the color of your buttons. Make a yoyo and glue on top with the button in the middle to match the color of your buttons.

Denise Thalman gave us one of her trunk shows! To start off our show and tell.

 Sherri Voisard showed us what a talented lady she is.

 Ruth Davis is always inspiring us with her unique talent at paper piecing.
 Leslie Rogers  took a class using a Buggy Barn pattern. Nice use of color!
 Midge shows us what she had been creating in her spare time, as she brightens our meeting with her smile.

 Joan Jensen ever so quiet but always inspiring us with her talents and kind heart.

 Sue Tubs and her mini quilts and projects are a great inspiration to use all.
 Emily  Baily is alway creating and we are thrilled as she shows us her latest creations and use of colors.

 Behind every great quilter there is a…

©        Great teacher

©        Stack of Fabric

©        Closet full of works in progress

©        Fascination with fabric shapes and color!
Another piece of history created