Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It’s that time of year again, when everyone is bustling about getting ready for the holidays. Handmade gifts are probably on your to-do list, but when will you find the time? During the busy days to come, why not take a few minutes, a half hour or an hour or whatever amount of time you can find to relax and sew? If you can sew a little bit every day, you’ll have a project done before you know it.

Happy Quilting

Diane Miller has the October OTT light.
UFO due by October Meeting is # 9
October’s mug rug theme: Autumn Fun

October sew-in information:
We will be painting on fabric. Sue Tubbs will teach painting angel faces with acrylic paint. You will need a #2 paint brush a small piece of flesh color fabric. Vivian and Ruth will teach with Inktense pencils. Vivian has prepared a small project (a bird see picture below) for you to paint. You will need a #2 paint brush, 005 Micron pen, glue stick. If you have Gel Pens they can also be used to paint on fabric. All other supplies will be provided. 

"Happy Birthday Layton Quilt Guild" 

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What is a party with out good cake and great friend to celebrate with, Everyone laughter and had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying one anthers company. 

Aylissa, Ruth and Denise put in there best faces for the party. 
Sue and Michelle put on there party hats and shared there smiles.

Ruth and Loretta look lovely in their pink boas 

Diane looks lovely everyone had a fun time dressing up to show off there party spirit. 

Patsy and Denise the life of the party. 

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MaryJo gets the fun of deciding which dessert/cake to try first. 

Nothing is better then enjoying good friend and sharing ideas and what projects we are working on. 

Which Challenge quilt is your favorite, it had a lot of items representing 25  for the years we have been a guild. 

What a fun hexie quilt, think they would come and work on mine. 

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Michelle has her UFO finished and what a fun project to be working on. 

Sue shared with us the history of this quilt and how it came to be. 

Patsy share with us her special treasures, quilted post cards. Each one is a work of art. 

Karen has a fun new wall hanging for the upcoming holidays. 

Sue has the witches boots are figured out and they are darling. 

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Sue shared with us her dear friends work. She touched our hearts with her great love for the friend she has lost. 

Party decorations for one and all to help us all celebrate
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paper piecing one project at a time. How are you project coming along? 

Paper piecing at it's best! Do you have any idea of how you are going to piece your quilt together. 

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Lori stayed up past my bed time to finish her sheep and saddles and what a work of art they are. 

The little black sheep

Easter Row quilt that Denise was in charge of. What a fun quilt. Mine is waiting to be quilted how is yours coming along. 

A work of art in a mini version. As only Ruth would do and what a work of art it truly is. Look close at the quilting. 

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Image result for happy birthday  cake cartoon

My soul is fed with with needle and thread, my body with chocolate.
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