Friday, May 30, 2014

May 2014

A quilt is something you make to keep someone you love...WARM!

We have such great talents in our group at Layton quilters! Maybe try something new! How about using a new concept with our Challenge quilt. Lights, camera, action are you working on yours?  Sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed, but we can use two or three projects/ techniques we've learned to make one project happen!  What ever you do... Enjoy this time of your life where ever you might be. Happy Mother's day!! 

Tips/Tricks: was provided by Pat White where were taught 
* true grip under your cutting mat to hold it in place. 
* Use a magnify glass to see pictures of quilts closer. 
* Thimble berry needles are a must have for hand sewing. At $1 each they are a treasure to have.
UFO # 3 was shared at our meeting and # 7 was drawn for our next meeting. How is your UFO listing coming along?

The complete pattern for the mystery quilt was shared and shown how is your mystery quit coming along. It shouldn't be such a mystery any more. Bring it to share at our next meeting. 

Doll quilts are still wanted  we are needing 22 inch squares with flannel on one side. These are being donated and so far the donations have been well received. 

Before Prozac, there was quilting.

We were shown how to take a circle by Lue and do a bit of hand sewing to create a hexagon. A 4 inch circle becomes a 2 inch. It is a fun new technique to learn and share. Everyone was given the oppotunity to give this new technique a try.

For our June meetings sew in we are making mini quilts. Bring yours to work on and share. We have some amazingly talented ladies that can answer your questions if you are stuck on what to do next. 

Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you can do for your fabric
 We have all worked hard! Sit back and enjoy this show and tell from these amazing ladies that have enriched our life's through meeting at the guild meetings and different road trips. Enjoy!!

Diane has been busy as she showed us her lovley levi quilt she had made for a family member. 

Diane took our breaths away when she pulled out this amazing creation. 

Viv made some fun iron carrying bags, love the color choices. 

Sue is checking out Viv's iron case thinking she either needs to make herself one or have one made for her.

Pat showed us some of her creations and some of her fun sewing tips. 

Dull women have IMMACULATE Sewing Rooms.
What does a girl do when she has a big day and wants something special, she goes to her sewing machine and creates her a new look. Kaytlin did this with her new pencil skirt. A fun outfit to celebrate her graduation and new adventure in life. 

Hats off to the teachers in our lives who enrich us and help us reach beyond ourselves and grow.