Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August Meeting

We started August with jokes and laughs as our meeting started. The smiles and friendship was over flowing and the fun began.

President’s Message:

Dear Quilting Friends,
It’s hard to believe that there are 60 minutes to an hour and 24 hours to a day. Time flies when you are doing chores and quilting! I have had a very busy summer and can’t wait until the weather cools off ten degrees, and time slows down. I have been laughing; it’s hard to believe that you have to think about Halloween and Christmas already. If you don’t buy the seasonal fabric before mid August you might not get any. Remember the quilting journal that I raved over last month? The quilt maker Ilene King has been featured in an article in the August/September issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine. The article is titled, “Documenting Your Quilts, How Hard Is It?” by Lori Baker. This article talks about quilt labels, the written record and more. They
have shared photos of several pages from Ilene’s quilting journal. Great article! I have started to move all my pictures of quilts I have made into one folder on my computer. Next I will try and record the approximate date that I finished the quilts. I wanted to thank Sue Kinn for sharing her quilt journals with us, they were inspiring. I am excited for the county fairs to begin; the best part is elephant ears and quilts! Sigh! I hope that all of you will have more quilting time  in August and that time will slow down for you. See you at Guild on Thursday.

 Happy Quilting Lorri Bashein (guild president)

It was announced that the sew in's the day of guild meeting will start at 10 am. Please mark your calendar.

The Utah quilt guild is still accepting quilts for the Policemen. How are your quilt donations coming along.
Michelle handed out the last pattern for the school house blocks and show cased her finished quilt.

Sewing Tips from July Meeting: By Loretta Hunt

©       To make holes in the corner of your templates use a 1/8" paper punch.

 ©       When traveling take along a light bulb to put in lamps in motel rooms, so you see better for sewing.

©       To keep safety pins from rusting, place a moisture-absorbing packet (from vitamins) in a bag or jar of pins.

©       When traveling, or any time, use a small bar of soap for a pincushion.  It lubricates needles and prevents pins from rusting.
The September OTT light goes to: Cynthia Dinsdale
UFO Number: 1 is the number for September

Funky chicken quilts are due at our September meeting. We are excited to see what everyone has created.

Behind every great quilter there is a…

©       A horse looking at me through the window!

©       Friends sharing the love of quilting with each other.

©       A stash that always needs to be bigger!

©       My Parrot Cookie ridiculing my work, very loudly
The best part of the meeting is our show and tell: here is where the ladies shine as they share there talents: Enjoy the show

If your pictures are wonky, I apologize for this computer is having a mind of it's own. Until next time please come back and see what we4 have in the works.