Saturday, April 13, 2013

March guild meeting

March meeting came and went with laughter and fun had by all you attended the sewing's each week and our monthly meeting and sew in.  At our meeting the topic of conversation ranged from providing the group with doughnuts when a personal phone goes off, to placemats for meals on wheels and how the Utah quilt guild quilt show went. 
UFO #8 was drawn, how is your Unfinished projects pile coming along?
The OTTO light went to Laurie Bashein and Sue Hales we look forward to seeing what they Otto to have done this pat month.
A fun history of Scandinavia hand work was presented along with some sewing tips we should all read through and learn from.

Marches sewing tips and tricks:

To store a matching spool and bobbin together, thread both onto a long pipe cleaner and twist the pipe cleaner ends together.
If you like to tuck the thread tail back into the spool edge when you are finished with that thread, but often find it difficult to locate the slit. Mark the slit with a pen or pencil so it stands out where you can see it.
TEMPLATE: Floor tiles makes the best templates. Press paper pattern onto the adhesive side of a self-stick floor tile. Cut the template out on the line with scissors or utility knife. These templates are sturdy and can be used with a rotary cutter. Note: Mark your template- Half hexagon, etc.
Kaytlin Sacher a daughter of one of our members donated one of her cherished quilt to Happy Chemo to bless some one's life.

In March we exchanged snowmen blocks. Everyone did a fantastic job and this quilt was darling as it showcased the blocks that were made and exchanged. Thank you for sharing.

Our monthly mini block exchange is going strong and this month Lori showcased the next months block. Which one is your favorite? They are both the same pattern.

We are darling house block with a block with in the house. Mary Jo is showing us what her creative juices created.

Sherri has been busy this month and she showed us what she Otto have done. She gave us a nice trunk show.

Our mini quilt for February. How are your blocks coming along are you keeping up and current or have the patterns safe in a good place to make in the future.

Vivian is showed us what her creative juices have done for this month with a theme of  filled with patriotic items. Anyone would be thrilled to own these darling projects.

 Denise is always busy making something. This month it is tumblers.

Emily showed us how to use up our scraps of fabric to assemble a fun backing.

 Leslie found how fun making her house blocks using blue as the base colors for her houses and fun bright colors for her quilt blocks.
check out this darling quilt holder. The quilt is darling also, thanks Michelle for sharing. Michelle show cased her 10 minute table runner. What a fun fast project.

Bright colors make this darling buggy barn quilt a quilt anyone would love to have in there home on a dark day to brighten up the room.

 Sue is ever present with her mini creations this time it is a mini purse just perfect to put a dollar bill in for a fun surprise for her grandchildren,

You may admire my dust, but please don't write in it!
Sewing forever, house work whenever!