Friday, January 10, 2014

January 2014

Turning 14! (2014) How was your life at 14? What things did
you do as a teenager? How did you get to where you are today?
How do we make new goals or pick up on finishing started
goals? I was reading a book the other day on setting goals and
carrying through... It was suggested that a new habit is formed
after 21 days of doing what you set out to do. So don't go crazy
with 20 new goals at once. Do a goal for 3 -4 weeks and then
move on to another goal. WOW! That really made sense! Let's
give ourselves a few months to accomplish a few goals. Don't
beat yourself up if things aren't working out quickly. Most times
a slower pace helps secure the future with better habits.
Our goal, in 2014 for the Layton Quilters, is to get one more
step accomplished each month on projects that baffle our minds
or jump out at us to try making us crazy! Perhaps if we just
focus on one or two projects we won't end up NUTS! Have you
thought about giving some of your UFOs to charity or a youth to
learn by or even trade with a friend? The year will come and go.
Make yourself goals that help you to "step up" rather than fall
I really want to tell Lorri and her Board and the other volunteers
for 2013 that we really appreciate their good works. We had
such a great year in 2013! I will never compare myself to Lorri,
because then I would go crazy!! I hope you know and
understand that it takes a quilter's village to raise up a quilter.
Let's work together to have the best kind of things happening in
2014! I can't tell you how wonderful I think each one of you are
to me ! You're AWESOME!!
Looking forward to serving you as president this "stepping up" year, Sue Tubbs

UFO’s – Larae Durtschi is in charge of the UFO’s this
year. Bring a list with you of about 10 of your unfinished
projects that you would like to work on this year. She
will tell us what to do with our lists for the year.
#4 on your UFO listing was drawn for our March Meeting

Birthday/donation quilt – As a member of this Guild you are asked to make and donate a quilt in your
Birthday month. Happy Chemo will be the charity we be lending a helping hand go with our Birthday quilts. 

The Ott light went to Karen Carter &  Cindy Gerber for our February meeting.

For our Community project we are collecting doll quilts 22 x 22 with 1/2 of it to be flannel. This lovely little creations will bless the children at the women's shelter.

Donations for the National quilt day are being excepted. Any questions contact Vivian.

How is your Challenge quilt coming along? Don't forget to start working on your show stopper with your 
Lights: value
Camera: bling
Actions: movement
Any questions contact Emily

Our quilt has some amazing and fun projects planned through out the year. Come one and all and join us as we share our talents and skills as we work together. 

Vivian is show casing to us the lovely donation that is in the works for the annual meeting. 

Genette Showed us her lovely quilt made with love.

Genette getting ready to show us her lovely quilt

Vivian is showing us her civil war doll quilt. Love the colors.

Ruth was excited to show us her published pattern for her measuring tape.
We have very talented ladies in our guild with huge giving hearts. 

Ruth's published pattern

Leslie is showing Lindy how she did the binding on her wall hanging. 

Leslie's bouquet of flowers to brighten her walls. 

Diane has been busy while she was absent. She showed us her finished barn and lovely quilting on her quilt. 

Ruth has been busy again, reaching in to her creative mind and coming up with a lovely mini.
She designed as she created and did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing. 

Emily has been busy, Her saying is what we all should learn and remember. Love the colors. Below Emily took a fun frame she found at a yard sale and created this fun show stopper. Wouldn't this brighten your wall. A touch of spring.

Diane has been busy and we thank her for sharing her lovely creations. Love the barn and what she did with it. 

Larae shared with us a fun rabbit. 

Larae is on the ball as she show cases her snowman quilt. The blocks were part of an exchange we did last year. Can you see your block? Job very well done! Love the colors. 

Check out the detail on this one. 

Larae we thank you for sharing with us the your lovely works of art. 

Michelle has been busy completing her project as she shows us a round  robin that has been a work in progress and job well done. 

Michelle shows us her house blocks from last year that has been assembled and quilted ready for it's binding. Love the color choices how are your houses coming along? 

Novembers meeting brought us the inspiration to journal our quilts.Michelle created a special binder for her journaling and memories she will be recording, Love the patch work! Job well done. 

Brenda was busy taking up a talent long set aside and started to crochet finding this fun eternity braided scarf on Pinterst giving her own design. It was a hit. 

If you came early to our guild meeting we were taught how to make these fun snowmen out of a pair of child gloves and movie candy. A fun gift to surprise some one with. Thank you Sue for sharing this fun craft. 

Valentines is just around the corner and Brenda with a lot of help from Kaytlin made this fun decoration for her home. 

Our trunk show is all but over and we hope that you enjoyed your visit. Please stop by every once and a while to see what we are making. To inspire you and brighten your day. Thanks for stopping by.