Monday, October 20, 2014

October  Quilt  Layton Guild meeting


Can you believe it's October? I get out my acrylic
paints and paint little faces and cute scenes on mini
pumpkins for my family and neighbors! They are a blast to
give away! It's fun to see their faces light up!
The air is different this time of year... The mornings are
cooler...YIKES!! I've even had my furnace on!! My grand
children and I counted pumpkins on porches. The orange
and purples are everywhere! I've completed 2 new mini
quilts to hang on my mini wood stands. Can you tell it's
my favorite time of year!!
Didn't we have a great Quilt Fest at Layton this year?
What a fantastic quilt show they had! Some of our favorite
people entered quilts! They were truly amazing!! Several
quilting friends won ribbons, even money! Mostly sharing
those beautiful works of art is very inspiring! Looking
forward to next year!
Hope you are finding things that ZING your heart and
make you want to think beyond the walls, box, fence...
Life is truly grand and I can't think of anything nicer than
bundling up in a warm quilt or giving a quilt away! Sew
get out the creative juices and your machines and sew,
sew, sew!!
I think I want to wish to each and every one of you lots
and lots of refilled bobbins! If we say may your bobbin
never run out, then that means we may not be sewing as
much as we want!! SEW lots of refills to you!

Ott light: Leslie Rodges 

UFO # is  10 with this being the last number it is hoped that your list of 10 is done or very close. Don't forget to report what you have done as we want you to receive credit for your accomplishment. 

Are you working on your Mystery quilt? How is yours coming along will it be finished and ready show case at our Christmas luncheon/meeting? Any questions contact Denise. 

Challenge – We have a new challenge for the rest of the year. Polka dots! A copy of the rules will be passed out at guild meeting. Get busy working on yours!

The Women’s shelter is in need of twin sized quilts for all the beds they have there. A quilt would do so much to make it a more homey and happy place to be so if you can make one to

donate that would be fantastic!

At the end of our meeting we will have a discussion about the national teacher next year. If you have any questions please stay for this discussion.  A vote will be taken at our November meeting. 

At our meeting this time the show and tell was first, allowing us to enjoy the lovely creations by guild members and to have time for guild business. Enjoy the pictures below to what we were blessed to have seen and know that the members who weren't able to attend were greatly missed. 

A Onsie dress with a bit of embellishments is the best for a new baby to ear. Helping those that love on her to enjoy it and the baby is comfortable also. 

A special day requires a special dress: this one was made by Brenda for her first grand baby Miss. Ruby. the dress was designed and made by Brenda using the resources she could find and adding what the dress needed. Ruby was an angle in white as she was Blessed in her new dress. 

It's always fun to find fun fabrics on the clearance isle, add them to a onsie and you have something special. 

Diane showed us her beautiful completed quilt. She isn't so sure of the colors but it was a hit with all that attended our meeting.  With the light shining through the window the quilt has a couple of different looks. Which one is your favorite? 

Nicky was a sweet heart to show us her lovely  wool creations and this fun Halloween quilt. She also gave the pattern of the quilt away stating she only makes things once. I like her thinking and might have to follow her example but would really like to get a hold of the pattern to make this fun Halloween quilt. She also had a great way to keep track of what year she started a projects. WOW that is impressive and something I need to learn how to do. 

Vivian has been making a lovely civil war quilt with a doll to match for her grand daughters. What a fun idea. She makes them to match one another as a set. 

Vivian shows us one of her doll quilts love the color combinations. Job well done. 

Diane make her doll into a witch what a fun idea. Mine is still in the works and some day it will be made. I love the idea of a which maybe I'll do mine as a cupid or elf. Time will tell. 

Check out this amazing work of art. I love the S shape what a fun table topper. 

Sherry took a class and learned how to take one of the card board bolts and turn it in to an iron cover. What a fun project and a fun addition to her sewing room and travel sewing stuff. 

Joan showed us this fun basket quilt from the years. Complete with signatures. If you look close do you see yours?

Michelle took a class at Annaul meeting and she made herself this fun wall hanging. 

Michelle has been busy making pillows and finishing her UFO's. I love her house pillow. What a creative way to use up the house block pattern we were given. 

This pillow made by Michelle would would be a fun addition to my house. Love the country colors and fun appliques. 

A fun quilt for a daughters bed, Michelle showed us one of her UFO projects, The back has some Japanize hand writing and some beautiful quilting. 

Michelle shared with us a beautiful quilt made by a family member,  She has been entrusted to care for it and donate it when she is done loving it. 

A fun purse for Sues grand daughter, filled with hugs and kisses. 

Sues used some fun twist and turns to make this fun withces hat. 

Nicki showed us her fun quilts with the help of Michelle, the lovely Christmas quilt is for her and the other one is for her sister as a gift.  They are both beautiful and works of work thank you for sharing. 

September 2014 Guild meeting

Presidents's Message

Hello ladies, I'm sitting here at a marvelous retreat in
Kimberly, Idaho! We are sewing like crazy on our
own projects. Yay! Too bad we have to go away from
our homes in order to stay focused on getting our
projects done. It's beautiful weather here and I'm
reminded of the beginning of Autumn. What a great
time of year! My personal favorite. The colors are so
warm and gorgeous. Let's get out our Fall time
decor, especially our quilts! We learn to enjoy and
embrace every season. Pass a few of those feelings
on to family and friends! I look forward to coming
together with you ladies this month! We are going to
enjoy the "make n take"! So do something of quality
for yourself and enjoy the beginning of a new
p.s. There are still some classes available at Quilt
Fest if you haven’t registered yet. Our own Ruth
Davis and Emily Bailey are teaching some fun ones!

* Sew in will start at 10 am. No machines are needed for this project so just come and have fun ! As Annual meeting will be in full swing come and socialize and enjoy the down time. 

* Larae Durtschi has the Ott Light

* Number 8 is due for the UFO 

Don't forget to work on your mystery quilt as it is due at our December meeting. 

Vivian is still collecting doll quilts for the shelter and if you are feeling ambitious make a full size to donate to the shelter and touch some ones life. 

Challenge – We have a new challenge for the rest of the year.
Polka dots! You can make anything you wish but 75% of it has
to be polka dot fabric. We would like you to incorporate
some of the things we have learned this year so your project
needs to include half square triangles, words either pieced,
appliqued or in the quilting and one or more of the
disappearing blocks technique Ruth Davis taught at the
August sew-in. (If you didn't get those instructions talk to
either Ruth or Michelle.) These will be due in January
completely finished!

If you get a chance stop by and  and see us. Most of the guild members attended Annual meeting and enjoy learning Ruth Davis and Emily Bailey were some of the amazing teachers that helped us reach out and strengthen our talents. The bonus of the events were the amazing trunk shows and guest speakers at lunch time. We were taught by  this guest speaker to listen to a variety of music to inspire us. To look around you and see what you can find that will bring you a bit of peace and help your creative juices flow. What inspires you? Do you keep a variety of music in your sewing/work space. I listen to Pandora radio what do you listen to. Maybe an IPOD or just the radio which every you choice it is all good. Enjoy the process and sit back and enjoy enjoy these amazing quilts.

The class I chose to take was a Judy Neimyer class, making a double wedding ring This will be my 10 year project. I hope much sooner but time will tell. The following are quilts that were made by the instructor and show cased the lovey creations from a designer who I had never heard of and will always remember. A few tears were shed an laughter about by members of the guild and my dear friends who attended with me and inspired me to take this class. Nothing is better then hearing Let it go sung to you as you tackle a new pattern in the paper piecing process of this quilt (which is most of it)  Thanks Denise, Ruth, Patsy, and Sherry for your hand of friendship and loving support as I learned a new technique and stepped out of my comfort zone to make a quilt that will be a wondering when I finally get it finished,. What is your dream quilt to make and what colors would you chose? My dream was to make a double wedding ring, my colors are the colors of this amazing fall season. 

Patsy and Dion sang us a song at the last day of annual meeting introducing the new theme for next year. Ruth was technical support and it was a fun laughter filled events.  The singing was lovely. 

Until next month! Hope to see you here joining us on our journey we all life.