Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February meeting and more

Each January I make a goal to finish up my on going projects before starting something new. For the most part that works for me but for some odd reason I still have more then I started with. .This year though for my UFO listing I decided to tackle a storage box with projects both clothing and quilting that were both cut out and ready to sew.  This will take the whole year to accomplish but it will be fun to see what gets made hopefully the whole list of 10. The wood projects  were ones that piled up waiting for the wood fairy to come and complete them for me. Instead I worked on them every night for a couple of weeks to get them done and added to my holiday decorations. The pin cushions were fun ones to make for some special friends on my list. Enjoy the show and tell and keep an eye out for out guild meeting as it is always a treat to attend and see what everyone has done. 

Add a ribbon and they decorate my stair well for every holiday. Ok they aren't all for me and my daughter painted them for me. 

My first time using glitter and I learned as I went as I was told you can never have enough glitter in your life. 

Fun tombs to add to the Halloween decor I get going. 

Something special to display cupcakes at any Halloween party. 

My ladder is ready to show case my love of the snow. A fun snowman and the bonus is his boots are my favorite color. 
I collect nativities sets and this one was an added bonus to my collection. Stop by any time the month of December to see my collect is it  fun to see them all. 

These fun little pin cushions were started in October and finished in January. So they will be a Christmas/Valentines gift to friends. 

Which one is your favorite? 

A great way to use up my scraps and display some hand work. 

The bonus to these fun pin cushions is what I learned in making them. a different technique to add rick rack to an edge, and making sure that the pieces are assembled correctly not back wards. I became very good at unpicking. They are all stuffed with walnut shells. I don't have a favorite I like them all. 

Vivian was inspired and took some of her mother's old material, and created this lovely work of  art. 

Patsy entertained us with how she took her lemon's and made them into applies for this fun project. 

Michelle showed us her row quilt, and that her UFO #3 was finished for the month.

Sue took a fun large quilt and shrunk it to make it even better. Love the mini I know just where I would put it. 

A fun creations using a curved ruler and it is done. Love the colors. 

Vivian has been busy and this string quilt will be  warm lap quilt for her to watch TV with. 

Sue has been busy and showed us some fun project that truly inspire. 

Loretta showed us her projects that she made at the February sew in. The scrappy heart is my favorite one. 

Loretta taught us what to do with those ophan blocks that are to pretty to toss and make them a heirloom. 

Patsy and the group went to Bryce and took some fun classes. This one was fabric and load of pins and beads. You can never have enough of any of the above. 

Patsy was showing us her color combinations for her next quilt. This was another class at Bryce. 

Denise was excited to show us her new art work painted by her daughter in law.  

A fun crazy heart is always a fun decoration for any home. What good use of colors Mary Jo

Microwave bowls were made at the meeting Sue is showing us what fun bowls that are going to be. 

Cindy showed us the quilt she took many hours to make, she is raffling it off for annual meeting Do you have your tickets bought for a chance? 

The room is full and every one is welcome as our guild meeting progressed. 

Nickey did a wonderful job on her quilt. I love the center with the bears. 

We all love to visit and see what others have made to inspire each other. 

Our youngest member is wearing her newest apron made by her Grandma so she can lend a helping hand  in the kitchen with out getting dirty. Her favorite part is being the taste tester. 
With a bit of help from my friends, They helped show the guild my quilt. I love the color combinations and can hardy wait to putting it to use. 

We are doing Wonky houses in the guild and Ruth has been an angel to provide the patterns. With each house we complete we get an extra tree pattern. I finally giving paper piecing a try. 

I'm making bags for charity along with composition book covers. The best part was the fabric was donated  so the cost for me was nothing but time. 

10 composition covers made and ready to use or donate. which one is your favorite?
See you next month after I recover from this month's activities and projects on the cutting table. 

January 2016 meeting

President Vivian Blotter welcomed everyone. She reminded everyone to pay the $1 or $2 to the center for letting us meet there every month. Also to pay our Guild dues ($15) to Lorri Bashein if we haven’t paid yet. Lorri Bashein gave us the Treasurer’s report. 

Vivian told us about some things from our UQG Rep Sandra John who wasn’t at our meeting. There will be no National  Quilt Day activity this year. The new place we are going to hold it didn’t have an opening on their schedule until next year. It will be at the Davis Art Center in Bountiful in 2017. If we shop at Smith’s the UQG would like us to sign up so our rewards points also get credited to the guild. All our points will still be available to us. The instructions for a President’s block for Cindy Hutchison were passed out to everyone.Vivian also told us about the UQG Quilt Fest this year. For her charity project the 2016 President – Kathy Porter has chosen making fleece blankets for the homeless and lap quilts for hospice.  The fundraiser for Quilt Fest is to decorate one or more Christmas stockings that you purchase for $5. These should be decorated on the side that when it is facing you makes an “L” shape.

Our guild will be having a class from Emily Bailey on April 21 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon at the senior center. It will be her Scrappy Bear Paw quilt. Any who want to participate must pay $10 to hold their spot in the class. When you come to the class you will get your money back because the guild is paying Emily to teach us. Emily is also in charge of collecting our guild’s charity quilts this year. The quilts we donate in our birthday month will be given to the “Happy Chemo” charity.

Michelle Stay told us about a Kim Diehl project we will be working on this year. We will make one of the quilts from the “Simple Appeal” book. A sign-up list was passed around and those who wanted to participate raised their hands and chose to do the brighter star quilt. The first instructions will be passed out next month.

This year our guild will be making a red and white quilt for the UQG “Ruby Jubilee” traveling quilt show next year. Lorri Bashein told us about this project. She and Michelle Stay will assemble kits and hand them out to the guild members so we can all participate.  This will begin next month.

Ruth Davis told us about a wonky house project we will be doing. She passed out patterns. There will be 6 blocks. If you finish your house block each month you will get an additional wonky tree pattern.

Leslie Rogers is in charge of a monthly block exchange. She is calling it a “swaffle” because the participants each month will be entered in a drawing to win all the blocks that month. Also one person each month is assigned to make an extra block in Civil War prints to donate to the guild.

Diane Miller will be in charge of a Mug Rug exchange. Instructions were handed out. A mug rug is a mini quilt that can be used to sit under a coffee mug and cookie or it can just be used for decoration. Each month she will give us a new theme and we are to make a mug rug to exchange at the meeting. February’s theme is “snow time”.

Loretta Hunt collected our UFO lists and assigned us partners to help motivate us. The list will be in the newsletter. We drew a number for the first UFO due in February. It is #3.

Lorri Bashein showed us her “Ott light” finishes. Next month will be Clara Anderson. 

Ruth Davis showed us the Star quilt made from the donated blocks from last year.  Michelle Stay pieced it, Ruth quilted it and Leslie will do the binding.

Vivian told us about the sew-in for next month. We will be making fabric microwave bowl holders. She passed out instructions. Or we can come work on charity blocks left from Cindy Hutchison’s project last year.

Next meeting will be Thur. Feb. 18th at 1:00pm. The sew-in will start at 10:00 am.

Ruth's Wonky house, Don't forget that a extra pattern will come your way if you get your block finished. 

Everyone needs an extra set of trees,  the tree pattern is the extra pattern. 

Nothing more fun the seeing what a simple pattern can do for you, how small can you go?

Thank you Ruth for sharing your amazing creations!

Lori showed us her Ott light projects and what a fun project to work on. Thanks for sharing, looks like a lot of work . 

Denise showed us the finished Quilt from the Easter row quilt we participated in last year. Did you get yours done? Mine is waiting to be appliqued on and assembled.  

I love the finished quilt. Denise did a great job!

Related image

Check out the hand work on this mini quilt. Ruth did an amazing job!

Ruth Stepped out of her comfort zone and made a queen size quilt for her sister. What a work of arr that will be treasured. 

Everyone needs these adorable wall hangings one for each season. 

Michelle showed us her finished mystery bag. Love the colors. I need to find my materiel for my bag and get it made. 

Vivian is a great President. She has some great ideas and keeps us going :-)

Sue is showing us her wonky quilt what a great job in color choices. 

Every little one needs a pillow like this one. Just the right size to cuddle and read a good book in.

Come back and visiting again next month.