Thursday, May 21, 2015

Layton quilters guild May meeting:
Pat, Diane and Jean are ready to start our meeting and waiting for what was a very impressive show and tell. 

Vivian showed us her UFO and what a beautiful job she did. 

Everyone loved Vivian's quilt and the lovely work she did on it. 

Vivian was busy getting her UFO projects done. This one will 

Karen was busy this month as she had the Ott light 

 What was only a couple of pieces of fabric became
two beautiful and fun table runners. One for Michelle
and the other for a good friend, Love the fabric choices

 With Karen having the Ott light she made good use of
what she Ott to do. Finished up several of her projects
and learning how to do a curved border. Job well done.
What should you Ott to be doing? I ott to be finding me
a good book and a quilt corner.

 The above quilt is the red cross and is a continuation of Karen's ott light.
To the left is a fun piece in mini that she made and is preparing to finish up
with some fun borders.

 Never Forget was the theme of this amazing quilt made by Nickey
You can never go wrong with red, white and blue. Love the roses
in the middle a nice touch.

This one by Nickey was made with lots of love and
patience. Working on it during car rides, and other
actives when you need a bit of hand work to do.
This one is a lovely work of art and a treasure for sure.

 A group of us are participating in a row quilt for Easter.
We aren't late we are just getting prepared for next year.
So we are early. This month we were to have all our
back grounds cut out and the first row of eggs done.
Some chose to do the large quilt and others like Michelle
chose to make a smaller version. Both are fun to see.

Next month we are to have our baskets full of rabbits done.
this will be a fun quilt. We thank Ruth for being such a
wonderful model for use. How is your row quilt coming along.

Michelle showed us her adorable laminate purse.
Sharing with us the website for find the instructions.

the above is a youtube link for you to make one of

 Sue was playing hide and seek with the camera
as she showed us her lovely quilt she made for
a dear pin pal. Thank you for being an inspiration.

 Emily has been busy creating and getting prepared for market.
The following is a show case of some of her new quilt patterns.
She called this manly, I can see this on many ladies bed or to
cuddle up with.

 A fun donation quilt going to happy Chemo.
Emiliy is a jewel and loves creating new designs. As you can
see by the look on her beautiful face. It was a joy to see what
she had created and to her where you could obtain you own
pattern to make your own creation.
 From of the quilt and below is the back. What a great
way to use up the left over fabric and bring it all together.
A bonus a revertible quilt.

 Another fun design from Emily from Aunt Em's quilts.
Look for her patterns at your local fabric store.
 Sue pulled out of her magical pillow case, the following
Quilts for the women's shelter, happy Chemo, and
the 419th. Sh has been busy and all with a smile on
her face. Thank you for your hard work and hours
of service.

 Some of the best times in guild is when the ladies
share there likes and dislikes and how there lovey
quilt design came from. Love the centers and that
they match.

 Vivian has been busy also making quilts for Happy Chemo
She shared with us her lovely yet simple quilts and the
fun places she has found her fabric.
 Ruth shared with us a lovely quilt that she has quilted for
Clinton days for a drawing. Wonder who the lucky
person will be.
 Ruth shared with us a quilt she helped to piece for the local
women's shelter. She even quilted it and for that it is greatly
appreciated, it brings it one step closer to having it done.
An act of love for some one special. Quilters came
from all over the world and made these Blocks to shower there
love to someone special. This was done in favorite colors
and these were amazing. Thank you for sharing with us

Mary Jo showed us lovely flow of movement
in this table topper.
 Mary Jo shared with us a lovely work of art.
Such talent as she showed and told us how to
do this, I think this one should be a class in the
works. It would be a fun one to learn.

A lucky family member is going to be thrilled
To have a set of this fun, which one would you
pick the red or yellow one the both come with
napkins to match.
 Midge is the guild winner with this work of art.
Her amazing piece  won first place at the HMQS
for Utah scenery. She did a beautiful job with fabric
painting and designing this work of art.
While the meeting goes on work goes on also.
A great way to make good use of your time.

Cindy shared with us her latest hand work. Sharing with us
a new technique to make a breath taking quilt. This one
Won't be made up any time soon, but will be worth the effort
as each piece comes together.
 Sheri has been busy sharing her talents to
create this fun quilt. I loved the photo's
the hand prints in the hearts will be a bonus to
this fun quilt. the colors highlight the photos.
Image result for friendship clipart
There is nothing better then spending the afternoon together with friends to laugh and share. Thank you for stopping by. 

April 16, 2015  Guild meeting minutes

President Cindy Gerber-Chavez and President-Elect Vivian Blotter were absent so Michelle Stay, secretary welcomed all to the meeting. She thanked everyone who came to the sew-in to help Emily Bailey make quilts for her Happy Chemo project. She reminded everyone to pay the $1 or $2 to the center for letting us meet there every month.We passed around a list for people to sign up if they wanted to purchase the Roxanne’s Glue bottle that Cindy G-C can get for a cheaper price. She used it for the demonstration on how she does machine binding on her quilts. Michelle will get the list to Cindy.Our Treasurer Lorri Bashien texted in a report that we made $371.50 at our National Quilt Day table and $110  from the mini quilts/bags.

Our UQG Rep. Sandra John told us about the green fat quarters the UQG is selling. They are a fundraiser for the cause of heart disease research into medicines and factors of the heart. The fq’s are $5. The project needs to be 40 inches by 40 inches or smaller. It needs to contain a recognizable piece of the purchased fabric, at least one leaf and some embellishment. She also told us about the Silver Thimble Award nominations and the beginning quilter scholarship for Quilt Fest.

Cindy Hutchison thanked those who came to her sew-in for her charity quilts on April 15th and reminded us she has another one on April 22. She also said if we wanted we could make a quilt on our own for her. It needs to be either twin size (72x90) or crib size (45x60). They also could use some receiving blanket size.

Nickey Greene was not at our meeting but we talked about her “I heard it on vinyl” challenge. We are supposed to make a quilt or other project based on a song we remember from our past on vinyl records. It can be any size and it will be due in June at our summer party.

Denise Thalman passed out the patterns for our Easter row quilt. She asked us to do the easiest row (the eggs) and cut all the backgrounds for our first assignment. Due next month.Joan Jensen collected the fabric from all the exchange participants. She and Patsy divided them up and returned them to
us. They reminded us all to bring 11 fat eighths of fabric (9x22 inches) so the exchange would be easier to figure out. We will be doing this for 4 more months.Ruth Davis told us that the star block exchange has been postponed until May. These need to be 9 inch (finished size) blocks. White background only and bright colors for the star. We can make any block we want. We had one extra person join the list so we each need to make 13 blocks – 12 for the exchange and one to donate for a quilt for the senior center where we have our meetings. She also told us anyone who wants to can make one for the senior center quilt only. These are due at the May meeting.

Patsy Shelton said that HMQS needs more quilts for the show. We can enter them online at The deadline has been extended to April 25th. Patsy said she can take our quilts with her when she goes at the beginning of that week. She needs to have them by the end of April.

A lady from the Senior Center came into our meeting and asked us if we thought we could make a quilt for a fundraiser at Autumn Glow in May. She would get us more details soon. After some discussion we decided that one of us probably has a quilt top finished that we could donate for that and one of us would quilt it. So we told her we could do it.

We had a discussion about what teachers we would like to come to our guild and what techniques we would like to learn. Some people mentioned were Cheryl Phillips – mariners compass, Judy Neimeyer techniques (Karen at Elaine’s Quilt Shop is a certified teacher for her stuff), Josephine Kessler who is a local teacher that does great techniques.

Nothing was decided so this discussion will continue next month.

Karen Carter has the OTT light for March. UFO #10 is due next meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday May 21st at 1:00 pm. The sew-in for May will be to make Happy Chemo quilts for Emily

Bailey’s charity.  It will start at 10:00 am. Emily said we can just come and sew or cut or iron because she will have all the supplies there for us.

  1. Image result for friendship clipart
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