Thursday, January 21, 2016

December meeting 2015

President Cindy Gerberus  thanked us all for the yummy pot luck luncheon. She asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell how long they had been quilting.Vivian Blotter told us about some of the things we are going to do next year. We talked about doing a mug rug exchange 
during the year. She told us who was listed to help her on her committee next year and asked for any that could to please stay for a committee meeting after this meeting. Vivian also told us about our sew
together kits if anyone wants some. She passed out an order sheet.
of some extra fabric and instructions. We all thanked Cindy for a great year as guild president.
Leslie Rogers asked us to bring our mystery bags to show in January that we have worked on this year.Loretta Hunt passed out instructions and rules for next years UFO project list. Those who want to participate need to make a list and bring it back to the January meeting. Give a copy to Loretta and keep a copy for themselves.Genette King gave out prizes to those who had completed the most UFO
Loretta Hunt showed us her 
We had our pincushion exchange and everyone got wonderful pincushions.

Cindy has been busy and showed us what she has been learning how to do. 

She is learning how to use her quilting machine and is taking time to practice and learn how to machine quilt. 

She has been busy and has done a beautiful job on the quilting. 

We Thank her for showing us her amazing talents. 

Gennette has been working with wool and her work is amazing! What a fun project. 

Loretta introduced to us the UFO (Unfinished Object) list, we are to make up a list of 10 items that we have started over 1 year ago. She showed us some of the beautiful work she  found while preparing to introduce the theme. 

Loretta is showing us some lovely Christmas quilts both would have a good home at my house. 

Patsy and Emily exchanged table runners they had made for each others. 

Emily created this beautiful red one for Patsy. 
Patsy made this fun one for Emily. Both did a fantastic job.

Joan showed us a lovely blue  doll blanket. 
 Let the fun of sharing the pin cushions begin. Which ones are your favorite. Hats off to all that participated all the pin cushions were beautiful and a true work of art. Thank you for sharing your talents and your time. 
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My dear friend will be getting these for Christmas. Which one is your favorite one? 

I donated the snowman to exchange and Sue Tubbs was the lucky winner of it. I think it is one of my favorites.

Next meeting will be Thur. Jan 21st at 1:00pm. 
We hope to see you there.