Thursday, February 26, 2015

February quilt meeting

February 19, 2015  Guild meeting minutes
President Cindy Gerber-Chavez was unable to attend the meeting this month, so President- Elect Vivian Blotter welcomed all to the meeting.  

Our Utah Quilt Guild Rep Sandra John told us the green fabric for the new fundraiser at Quilt Fest will be available next meeting. We will be able to purchase the fabric for $4 and we use it to make a small quilt (40x40 or less.) They will also need to have a leaf embellished somewhere on the quilt. These will be auctioned off at Quilt Fest. The proceeds will go to aid in heart disease research. She told us that the UQG is asking each individual guild to make a red and white quilt to display at Quilt Fest in 2017.

Cindy Hutchison gave us more details about her charity for the year. She is collecting quilts to be donated to various women’s shelters throughout the state. There are quite a few shelters and they need lots of quilts. They need twin size (72x90) and crib size (45x60). We can donate ones we’ve made ourselves and she is holding a couple of sew-ins at K&H Quilt Shoppe in Kaysville. The dates are April 15th and 22nd. She passed around sign-ups to see who was interested. We can bring our own fabric or she will have plenty there. 10 inch squares of print fabrics and 5 ½ inch squares of solid fabrics.

The polka dot challenge items were displayed and everyone voted for their favorites. They were all awesome and the winner was Nickey Greene. She received a $10 gift card.

Denise Thalman collected the money to buy the patterns for the Easter row quilt.

We discussed the upcoming National Quilt Day. Vivian Blotter passed around sign-ups for: the mini quilt sale/auction, the quilt show entries, the make and take table (small needle cases), greeters, and our own guild table. Most of the slots were filled but a few were still open. We are asked to donate 3/8 to ½ inch buttons and felt for the needle cases.     

Joan Jensen passed around a sign up for the fabric exchange. We will be exchanging fat eighths of Kim Diehl fabric from March through August.

Jean Powell told us about the Round Robin she wants to do. She gave us some ideas about what we could do and she sent around a sign up to see who was interested and what option was preferred. The sign up will be passed around next month also.

Vivian Blotter has the OTT light for March.
UFO #2 is due next meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday March 19th at 1:00 pm. 

The sew-in will be to make Happy Chemo quilts for Emily’s charity.  It will start at 10:00 am. Vivian told us if we had 1 ½ yard pieces of fabric we didn't want we could give them to her to make more quilts for Emily.

Time of the best part of the meeting our show and tell: 

Our meeting started out with our State rep giving us information about the up coming events in the state guild. 

There was a lot of information to be shared, with questions to be answered. 

Vivvian shared with us what we will be doing for the annual quilt day for are make and take. We thank her for sharing her talents with us. 

We were inspired today as Jean explained to us how a round robin works and some of her amazing quilt from participating in this challenge. 

We were inspired by the polka dot challenge and the ladies shown as they shared with us what they had created for the challenge. Something for everyone 

Beautiful quilts shared with us from those that participated in the Polk dot challenge Which one is your favorite? I like them all. Job well done ladies!

You saw part of the polka dot challenge and here is the other 1/2 don't we have some amazingly talented ladies in our guild. 

Michelle shared with us a lovely new purse she made. 

Denise lent a helping hand with my granddaughter, while I took the pictures. She did a fantastic job as it was the babies nap time. A huge Thank you goes to Denise for being there when I needed it. 

Emily has once again shared with us her awesome talents in created something from her scraps. 

Cindy shared with us her creation using her tea cups what a wonderful I idea. I especially like the way she used up the back. 

Joan shared with us her amazing creation what a fun work of art. 
Our Hearts are alive as we look at this fun Valentines quilt 

Sue was ready for Valentines day, doing a little something to decorate her whole house. 

Watch as Sue goes from bit to tiny :-) She is amazing at what she can create 

Each of her creations are a work of art! Thank you for sharing, 

The winner of the polka dot challenge! Wouldn't this look wonderful on the wall of a child toy room or bed room. I know just where I would put it. 

Thanks from a wonderful idea to stack and wak this beautiful quilt what a wonderful idea. 

Sue is making baby quilt to help her daughter in the 419th as new mothers are given some wonderful items in a gift bag just for them. 

That is what you do with your Hexagon's, some day I will pull mine out and get them assembled in to something. 

After a couple of amazing  trip Cindy brought some items to share with us. Look at the details of these items. Are they not just breath taking. 

Thank you for stopping and taking a minute to share with us the amazing talents of the Layton quilters. They have hearts of gold and a willingness to share there talents with us. Please come back and share with us next month. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

January meeting and more

January 15, 2015  Guild meeting minutes
President Cindy Gerber-Chavez welcomed all to the meeting.  She thanked everyone for coming and bringing food for the luncheon.  It was very nice.

Michelle Stay asked if everyone received the newsletter. Everyone said they did.

Vivian Blotter made a motion that we should have a budget for the prize basket for the year. We discussed it and decided on $125 for the year. Ruth Davis seconded the motion.

Lorri Bashein told us there was $412.62 in the guild checking account and $31.99 in petty cash.

Our new Utah Quilt Guild Rep Sandra John told us about the new fundraiser at Quilt Fest. We will be able to purchase the fabric  for $4 and we use it to make a small quilt (40x40 or less) These will be auctioned off at Quilt Fest. The proceeds will go to aid in heart disease research. The charity this year for the UQG will be making quilts for various women’s shelters. They are in need of quilts for twin beds and cribs. She passed out instructions to make blocks for last year’s President Krisanne. She told us that Ricky Timms will be coming later this year or next and we need to agree to send out 3 emails to our guild membership.

Michelle Stay told everyone that the polka dot challenge items need to be finished for sure by February’s meeting. Nickey Greene told us about our next challenge. It will be “I heard it on vinyl.” We should choose a song from our past and make a quilt/project about it. It will officially start in a few months but we should start thinking about it now.

Genette King passed around papers for everyone who wanted to to make a list of 10 UFO’s they want to finish this year. We will pick a new number every month. #6 was picked this time.
Denise Thalman showed us a cute Easter row quilt pattern and passed around a sign up to see how many wanted to participate. She asked us to bring the money for the pattern next month.

Ruth Davis told us about a block exchange we will be doing later in the year. Any star block you want to make, 9 inch finished block, white or white on white background only.

We discussed the upcoming National Quilt Day. We can bring our own table if we want to have a rectangle instead of circle for our guild booth. Our guild is in charge of overnight security. We can put 6 quilts in the show – 2 large and 4 small (45x45ish) We decided on a demo idea – Vivian Blotter will be demoing how to make folded hexies from a circle of fabric. We need to cut and donate circles for her. The template will be put in the newsletter. We were asked to make small things to sell at our guild booth and at the silent auction so we can make more money for our national teacher.  

Next meeting will be Thursday February 19th at 1:00 pm. 

The sew-in will be for us to come sew items for quilt day. Either our own to donate or the group projects. It will start at 10:00 am.

I wasn't able to attend the meeting but loved hearing what all of you have been up to. I have been busy trying to get my UFO pile down to manageable if that is at all possible. This along with baby sitting my granddaughter who is a whole 5 months old and a joy to watch I have been staying busy. 

A long trip gave me time to do some hand work,  A bit of down time allowed me to create 2 of this adorable pillows .  Not only where they fun to do but they look wonderful on my couch and the friend who recieved it for Christmas was thrileed. 

My UFO might only be 10 items long but that doesn't mean that each one listed I only did one thing. I think this was my Number 6 which was do at our February meeting. These back packs were made and taught to youth at a 4-H extension class for my county.  A total of 4 different back packs and 2 different bags were made to decide which one the youth could make and would want to make. 

This was bag number two and the one not chose and the instructions were terrible and not as user friendly as the pack pack and the skills to learn weren't there either. Still this and one more was made and both turned out darling and will make a fun bag to use. They are being donated to CF to help out the cause. 

A few years ago a dear lady donated to me large scraps of baby flannel, I spent hours cutting and bagging them in to quilt kids. Several were made and waiting for some quilting. A new quilt machine was bought and the fun begin as quilt tops were finally getting made and the fun on binding them. This one was donated to Happy Chemo and the rest will be donated as well. It is the fun to just being able to create. 

In the learning process I made up this fun dino quilt for CF and not knowing what I was doing. I put cuddle fabric on the back and proceeded to free hand quilt it. This is the final out come of it. I loved how the the fabric showed off the quilting. The front was from a kit I pieced together for little one to enjoy. 

Before heading out on a major road trip and a wonderful family vacation, I was asked to make super hero pillow cases and personalized with names, with the amount of extra fabric it was decided to make quilts. This one is the last of 5 that were made. Using up the scraps and having a bit of fun this one was created. My 18 year old daughter did the quilting and I bound it. This quilt have been donated to the Young women of my ward to auction off for girls camp. 

Day after day the pattern grew;
Each block was deftly set in place, 
And rows of tiny stitches tell
A tale that time cannot efface.
Of patience, skill, housewifely pride, 
Of women's love for pretty thing, 
Of fingers trained such work to do
By those who know the joy it brings, 
Of time within the home week spent, 
The heart with homely tasks content

Have a wonderful day! I hope to see you back next time for the wonderful adventures of the Layton quilters and more. 

November meeting and more

President message:

Sew many tips:

 * Stress Reliever: to hope those days in the office when the stress gets to be a little too much. Keep a few 4" squares of your favorite fabric on your desk, just to feel it. It's amazing what the feel of fabric can do for a quilter who would rather be home sewing then coping with the stresses of life.

* Use a cloth grocery bags to wrap quilts that you make for gifts. Tie a ribbon and bows to the handles ans stuff in some tissue papers to make a pretty package. The added bonus is your are recycling.

* When you finish a quilt put leftover blocks in to a plastic zip bag with the instructions and extra fabric. Label the bag "Practice Kit." give these kits to your grand kids, or daughters  or your granddaughters of your friends or your friends. They will enjoy practicing and are becoming interested in quilting.

* When there is little pressing to do, use half of a spring-loaded clothespin to press seems while you are setting at your sewing machine.

* Make a portable ironing board from a fireproof gypsum ceiling tile. cover one side with a layer of cotton batting and then wrap cotton buck cloth around the board. .Fasten the fabric with glue or double stick tape. This makes  a handy lightweight  board to carry to workshops or to use on your cutting table.


2014 flew by with friendships made and talents shared. I hope that everyone enjoyed the Christmas season and that you are starting the new year off completing all your UFO that you have laying around. Here are a few of mine. 

December found the ladies of the Layton Quilters making darling quilted hearts from old quilts, Lorri taught us how to make them and add a few embellishments to give them that special something. Everyone that attended was able to make one and more. The bonus was sharing time together as friends and celebrating the love of the season.
Patsy showed us how to wear a fun gift bag giving it a gift worth giving and receiving for one and all. 

Dennis is showing us her new mini ironing board that goes on a wooden TV tray. Something special for someone special it came loaded with tools to use in the front pocket and more. 
December was a busy time of year for our family with health issues and more, The sewing came to a slow down at times but loads was still made. The above was for a contest I entered for Halloween and this was the Halloween stocking I created for the contest. I won :)

A Christmas tradition in our family is for everyone to receive Jammies to wear, this year we were able to add another to our family. Baby Ruby was able to join in the fun. As she had matching jammies with her mom and aunts.  Aren't the beautiful!

I hope that one and all had a very Merry Christmas this year and that the Lord blessed you and your families as he has mine.