Thursday, May 9, 2013

April Quilt meeting


In April the guild members were busy building barns. To house the mini quilts they are making each month. What kind of barn do you have? Is it well worm from hours of love or brand new with your boards painted nice and red. Which ever your Barn is it is something special filled with love and hard work. From the bottom of our hearts we thank our guild president Lorri Bashein for teacher us this lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us.

Our meeting started with our treasurer giving the financial report and sharing with us the good new of the success of the quilt day sales. It was decided we would like to participate in the events next year.
The UFO # for May is #2 how is your UFO's coming along is the pile getting smaller or still growing. I know at my house it is growing with fun new projects to make one of these days.

The Ott light went to Michelle Stay for May. Do you have a project you ott to have done but just Ott light inspire you. Are you getting your project done or are you waiting for just the right time?

Michelle and Ruth passed out the school house blocks for us. How are your blocks coming along. Is your pile of school blocks growing?

Sewing Tips from February’s Meeting: By Loretta Hunt

©        CORDING: Make covered cording and piping to embellish bags, wall hangings, pillows, and quilts. Instead of basting the fabric strips around the cord, stick the edges together with a glue stick.

©        NON-SLIP TEMPLATES: To keep your templates from slipping, use adhesive-backed sand paper. Cut ½ inch wide strips from the sand paper and use a paper punch to punch out little dots. You can also use scrap book punches to cut shapes like butterflies, hearts and flowers.

©        DESIGN BOARD:  If you have used cotton batting to cover your design board and it is covered with threads, you can place a piece of freezer paper on the batting and iron. The thread will adhere to the freezer paper. Now you have a clean design board.

Old seamstresses never go crazy, they just
stay on pins and needles!!
At our show and tell members brought out there
lovely treasures and creation! Enjoy our show and


Thank you one and all for inspiring us to reach out and
touch each life we come in contact with and improving
 upon and learning as we learn the love of

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