Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Guild meeting

 In the crazy quilt of life, I'm glad you're in my block of friends.     

 We're getting into the warmer days!! Do you find getting out in the yard as rewarding as I do? This has been a long, cold Winter. I look forward to being outside as the days get warm! Tho' it takes me away from my sewing  and quilting time, it's very uplifting to the human spirit. Maybe I'll take myself out on the patio and do some sewing! What a fun idea! At least until the air conditioner as to be on hug?
         Have you been in any quilting shops lately and seen the changes in fabrics? it's turning to Spring every where! What fun!
     May we take a bit of time and get out some  UFO's that help us be uplifted and perhaps do I dare sy it? Even finish a project or two!
     Now I thank those wonderful ladies in our group that helped with National Quilt Day at the Legacy Facility. WOW! We had a great time and even better, we made a little bit of money! Each year gets better!
    Look to the things that help to make your heart soar! Happy quilting and gardening to each of you!! Sue Tubbs

Mystery Quilt: Denise Thalman handed out the first set of instructions with fabric requirements. The first set of is to make 32 half-square Triangles according to the directions. Bring yours to share! 

Doll Quilts have you made yours to donate yet? 

Tips / Tricks:
How about creating a binder filled with all the instructions sheets you gather when attending classes that help make your life easier. Don't forget the index at the front of the book. Have it well marked and close at hand to refer to often, How big is your book going to be? 

Ott light for April goes to : 

UFO# 3 for May Bring yours to show us. There is a special surprise to those that finish. 

Challenge quilt do how is your show stopping quilt coming along? Your finished quilt is due in July and we look forward to seeing the lights, camera and action that these bring to our meeting. 

Upcoming events:
 HMQS 2014 - May 8-10, 2014
South Towne Expo Center, Sandy, UT.
Wasatch Front Road Trip Shop Hop: June 4-7 2014
Panquitch Quilt Walk festival 11-14
Small Town Quilt Show June 26-28  2014,  Zermatt Midway, Utah or

Everyone is invited to join us at our Guild meeting, Even our husbands are welcome to join, after all they are supporting us as we take time out to quilt. 

Cynthia showed us her beautiful quilt and told us a little bit about it's story and what she puts on her labels. 

Nickey Green showed us her scrappy quilt. A beautiful work of art. I love the color combinations. 

Nickey was busy as this long cabin is a work of art. 

 Ruth presented us her Bryce Canyon quilt, she took this class at her Retreat at Bryce Canyon with a few of our guild members. Love and laughter were had by everyone as they took classes and played. The quilting on the back is another pictures of it's very own. Job well done Ruth.

 Denise completed her mini quilt and used up some of her scrap fabric. Nice job, her smile brightens everyone's day and her huge heart touches all of our lives.

Larae touched our hearts as she shared her dear friends work of art that was presented to her by the family. Thank you for showing that friendships carry on through the years. 

 Emily is a member of the scrap squad for a quilting magazine. She does a lovely job of combining the colors and bringing them together to create a master pieces.

 You can see that Emily doesn't like her picture taken. She is a ball of joy and her amazing quilts brighten up our live's and cheer us on.

 Loretta did a lovely job with her quilt for Happy Chemo, she did ask a good question how do you use a printed piece and place them in the quilts. What are your suggestions?

 Lorri has been working on little hexagons and what beautiful flowers they make. We love her bouquet of flowers she show cased to us. Which one is your favorite? We look forward to seeing what she will do with them.

Easter is just around the corner and Lorri is getting her UFO's done one at a time. This one just in time for Eater. 

Sue shared her fun quilt she finished out of her UFO pile. what do you have in yours. 

What child wouldn't want a special bag made by her grandma filled with fun surprises just for them. Sue shows us one she has made for her granddaughters. 

With a ever smile on her face Sue shows us one of her lovely mini quilts bring out the question which pattern is this? 

Butterflies from one of the quilts exchanges a year or two ago, Sue has hers assembled do you now where yours is? 

 Midje took a class to take a quilt block and make it a clock. Love the rainbow of colors she used to bright up a room.

Ruth explained to the group how important it is for us to donate what we can and do what we can. Every little bit helps those in need. Have you donated your doll quilt or maybe a stuffed animal. 

A lovely stack and wak 

A fun sampler quilt love the use of the colorful back ground that was chosen.

Cynthia has brought some of her works of art to show us. Showing us that nothing is impossible and that projects can get finished we just have to stick to it. 

In the crazy quilt of life I'm glad you're in my block of friends.

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